Payroll Processing Services

  1. Salary Sheet
  2. Arrear Sheets
  3. Salary/Wages Slip
  4. Bank Transfer List, Cash Payment List
  5. MIS Report

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Payroll Processing Services

The term “payroll” actually refers to the list of employees that receive compensation from a company. However, most companies generally use the term to refer to the money that is paid to the employees or the records that detail how much each employee has made. Payroll may also refer to the company, department, or software that is used to process pay cheque and taxes or to the process of calculating and distributing employee paychecks.

Payroll Processing is a very important function of any business and necessitates an understanding of current regulations, detailed tax knowledge to ensure proper withholding and filing, and a highly organized system that can be relied upon to pay each employee the right amount of money.

Top Benefits

  • Keep Control
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Control Cost and time
  • Improve Data Security
  • Avoid Penalties and Mistakes .
  • Access Latest Technology
Payroll Top benefit
Payroll Processing

Procedure for Website Development

  • Collecting Input Data from a client like Attendance, Information of New Joiners, Resigned Details, Increment, Incentive, Advance, Loan, etc. 
  • Processing the same at our Payroll Package and generate Pay Register in PDF/Excel format along with the different types of Reports as per Client Requirement.
  • Calculation of Overtime, Bonus, etc.
  • Maintaining Attendance Record, Leave Record, Wages Register, etc.

Other Services

  • Preparation of Salary Sheet Branch wise, Unit wise, Location wise
  • Preparation of Arrear Sheets
  • Provide monthly Salary/Wages Slip to the individual employees through e-mail
  • Preparation of Bank Transfer List, Cash Payment List
  • Prepare Full & Final of Left employees
  • Prepare MIS Report
  • Handling queries of the employees related to their Attendance, Salary, Advance, Loan and Reimbursement, etc.
Payroll Other Work

Frequently Asked Question

Removing the stress and liability of making tax deposits and filing correct tax returns is the reason to outsource. Savvy business owners also realize that every minute spent handling non-core tasks is time NOT spent talking to customers, looking for new business, training employees and digging for cost savings. In other words, payroll outsourcing allows you more time to focus on managing your core business

Depending on the level of sophistication and control you’re looking for, you can call, fax or email to us the amounts to pay your staff, or input that info into a secure internet site. We’ll take it from there, computing accurate net pay, printing and delivering checks and reports, arranging for tax monies to be debited from your account.

You provide us with specific bank account numbers for both your business and your employees. We work with the bank to process the Direct Deposit transactions.

Any size organization can use our payroll services starting from 1 to more than 100.

Absolutely, simply provide us documentation on your plans and we will incorporate the calculation and tracking of accrued and taken PTO time each pay period.

We’re happy to give you a free estimate. Call or email us today.