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PF Consultant-Employees Provident Fund

Employees Provident Fund Act 1952 is a Social Security legislation for the future benefit of employees & their dependents, in case of unfortunate incidents occurs in the future. Every Establishment or industry in which 20 or more person is employed have to register in this act it is govt prescribed rule. In which employer have to submit each month PF amount and generate ECR Challan.

ECR Challan stands for Electronic Challan cum Return. It is an electronic monthly return to be uploaded by employers through the Employer E-Sewa portal. The return will have the memberwise details of the wages and contributions including basic details for the new and existing members.

ECR will result in the generation of a Challan using which the employer has to remit the dues through an online payment. The upload of ECR each month will relieve the employers from filing any paper return and also the various monthly and annual returns.

PF Consultant-Top Benefits

  • No paper return to be prepared and submitted to EPFO.
  • No need to submit other returns viz Form 5/10/12A,3A, and 6A.
  • Employers will get the confirmation of payment through SMS instantly.
  • The members’ accounts will be credited with the contribution on monthly basis.
  • Employers can view the annual accounts slip.
  • For earlier years employers can request the annual slips through this portal.
Provident fund benefit
Procedure for ECR Challan Generation

Procedure for ECR Challan generation

  • For generation of ECR Challan each month require monthly distribution salary mentioning their employee's UAN, Gross Salary/Wages, with working days
  • Preparation of Soft Copy finalization according to EPF Format than upload according to required option.
  • Make Payment of ECR Challan.
  • Generation of ECR Contribution and Challan.
  • TRRN Status Challan Printout

PF Consultant-Other Work

PF Registration for New Company
Individual Member Registration at EPF Portal.
UAN Number Generation.
Individual EPF Withdrawal (Advance, Final Settlement, Monthly Pension, Pension), Digital Life Certificate

EPF and ESIC Consultant

Documents Required for PF Registration

These documents are required for the Registration of a new Company at ECR Portal for getting USER ID and Password for the employer. (for filling ECR Challan).

  • Name of the Company.
  • Date of Setup of the Organisation.
  • Scanned copy of Company’s PAN Card.
  • Nature of Company.
  • Address proof of Company (rented or owned)
  • Adhaar Card and PAN Card of Company's Director /partner's/Proprietors.
  • Email and Mobile Number of Company's Director /partner/Proprietor.
  • List of Company's Directors/Partners/Proprietors.
  • Digital Signature of anyone Director /Partners/ Proprietor for file submission.
  • Company's Director/Partner/Proprietor Signature in EPF Prescribed format
  • Monthly strength of employees from the date of the setup of the company with all details salary, grade, designation
  • Scanned copy of the Govt license available in the name of the company (Like GST/MOA)
  • Scanned Copy of Cheque of of the company’s Bank account.
  • Copy of the First sale bill / job work bill or first purchase bill.

Frequently Asked Question

A person who is employed for wages in any kind of work, manual or otherwise, in or in, connection with the work of an establishment covered under the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, and who gets his wages directly or indirectly from the employer, and includes any person employed by or through a contractor in or in connection with the work of the establishment.

At present, an employee contributes 12% of the Basic wages + Dearness allowance + Retaining allowance in EPF. The employer also pays 12% of pay out of which 8.33% of pay is diverted to Pension Fund and the rest 3.67% is diverted to EPF.

    1. Advances: A member can take non-refundable advances during the service period for various purposes:-
      • Treatment of illnesses of self/family: TB, leprosy, paralysis, cancer, mental derangement heart ailment, or major surgical operation
      • Marriage of self, daughter, son, brother & sister.
      • Post-matriculation education of son/daughter
      • Withdrawal for purchase of a house, flat, dwelling house, addition/alteration of house, and repayment of the loan for the purpose.
      • Withdrawal within one year before retirement: Up to 90% of total PF balance.
      • Advance on unemployment: Up to 75% of total PF balance.
      • Other purposes (for details please see table below).
    1. Final settlement: On retirement or two months after ceasing to be an employee.
    2. Pension after retirement subject to eligibility.
    3. Insurance in case of death while in service.

The facility is available in the unified portal at member home

The facility is available in the unified portal at member passbook

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